Cellular Connectivity for Ultra Low Power IoT Products

We help you to build and manage low power IoT products based on cellular radio technologies

Specific challenges in the development of IoT products

Do you face them?


The interactive product operates outside

  • The product depends on long range communication, i.e. it works out of the range of WLAN, ZigBee and BLE.
  • The product likewise has to send and recieve data. A bidirectional communication is indispensible.
  • The product needs a reliable network reception.

The product needs a super long battery lifetime

  • The data transmission has to be energy efficient with as little overhead as possible.
  • The communication protocol must be capable of delivering messages to clients that are periodically powered down.

The product deployment must scale

  • The customer shall be able to use the product out of the box, i.e. no installation effort is needed.
  • The product must work anywhere in the world. It has to depend on availible communication infrastructure.
  • The management of the products has to be simple, particularly the billing process.

We offer a ready to use communication platform designed for these challenges

Take advantage of the following benefits:

Longer battery life

Longlatec provides your products with an outstanding battery life that is at least 20x longer than that of convventional connectivity solutions.

Low data cost

Contrary to traditional interfaces, Longlatec minimizes the data transfer overhead without sacrificing the flexibility of where your data goes.

Avoid lock-in

You decide to which IoT platforms the data goes. With our middleware you maintain the flexibility to switch IoT platforms on the fly.

Best network coverage

We work with several network operators. Your products choose the network with the strongest signal.

Rapid prototyping

We help you to develop a prototype within weeks. Profit from a fast and smooth market entry.

Easy management process

The Longlatec platform tool is optimized to simplify the device management and billing processes.

How our communication platform works

Learn more about the Longlatec technology:

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Device Management

Manage your devices

  • Activate & deactivate your products
  • Monitor usage
  • Streamline billing 

Routing System

Connect applications

  • Connect your applications
  • Push your data using callbacks
  • Connect to any platform 

Messaging System

Reliable connectivity 

  • Retained messaging: deliver data reliably to sleeping clients
  • Scalable and fault tolerant

Longlatec Protocol

Lightweight protocol

  • Our protocol minizes data overhead and thus energy
  • We offer Libraries for easy integration

Rapid prototyping with Longlatec

We assist you with the development of your IoT product.


Development board

Cortex M0+ microprocessor with 4 kB RAM, 16 kB Flash and 12 MHz

  • Small form factor 25x 42 mm
  • Prototyping on a breadboard
  • SMD and THT compatible
  • Integrated sim chip
  • Configured and controlled over our API
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E-Mail: info@longlatec.de

Das Projekt “Longlatec" wird durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitalisierung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt und die Europäische Union gefördert.




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